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Q- How exactly do you go about collecting on a judgment?
A- We have a proven ability to recover assets and to satisfy judgments.

Q- If you find assets what do you do?
A- We have the ability to seize bank accounts, garnish wages, and place liens on personal and real property.
We can even levy on a debtor's rental deposit. The way we look at it, it's not their money we are seizing,
it's yours.

Q- How much will this cost?
A- Our fees are based solely on a contigency basis. There is never a fee to you.
We cover all of the costs of process serving, levy fees, skip tracing,
and petition the court to increase the judgment by an equal amount.

Q- How long will it take?
A- This varies greatly depending on the assets and income of the judgment debtor. When legal remedies
are required, as is often the case, the process may take a minimum of sixty to ninety days
before you will see any funds.

Q- Will I be required to assign my judgment to you?
A- Yes. We'll send you a form to sign, called an Assignment of Judgment which we file for you at the court
granting us the legal right to collect on your behalf.

Q- What is an assignment of judgment?
A- This is where you assign your judgment to another.

Q- What if the debtor has filed bankruptcy?
A- In most cases precludes us or anyone else from attempting to recover your judgment.
Filing bankrupcy petion puts an automatic stay on any collection activity.
We recommend you consult an attorney.

Q- The sheriff tried to collect. Why haven't they been able to help?
A- Its very simple, by law they cannot give legal advice. They only work with the information you can give them.

This is where we come in.

We have developed a proprietary search and seizure system that allows us to quickly and efficiently satisfy hard to collect judgments.

What does is take to get started?

One call to our higly trained collection specialists to start the process. We have the resources and the knowledge.

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Asset Location & Attachments

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